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About Us


Bread girlz are those standing strong on there own. Some women are afraid of change, afraid of being different, afraid of stepping outside of whats considered the norm in there lives. Not a Bread Girl!! Bread Girlz are women who don’t have to rely on anyone. A Bread Girl is one who can stand on there own two feet also make a way out of no way. NEVER BULLIED INTO SILENCE. NEVER ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE MADE A VICTIM OR ACCEPTING NO ONES DEFINITION OF YOUR LIFE: DEFINE YOURSELF – Harvey Fierstein


* Strong powerful independent women

* Confident

* can make a way out of no way

* resilient meaning in any struggle you will prevail

* receptive to growth and ready for adversity

* enhancing who you are

* imperfectly imperfect

* open to change

* take the initiative to accomplish your life goals

* not standing in your own way

Bread Girlz build strong relationships in every aspect of their lives examples your career, at home, with your children,
If you are a bread girl based on the bullet points above you are sexy by default you don’t have to try to be or buy to be you just are.

Bread Girlz ultimate goal is to be a life changer and have a positive impact on peoples lives. If your not a Bread Girl become one. The only Journey is the Journey with in.